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Printed the 21/04/2021


Legal notice

The “TETRA” website, available at http://tetra.tigf.fr and https://tetra.tigf.fr was put online by TEREGA to propose various services to the shippers operating on its network, such as:
  • - the consultation of contractual transport documents;
  • - the possibility of requesting transport capacities on-line;
  • - monitoring the status of capacity requests and attributions;
  • - the consultation of the attributed capacities summary and receipts;
  • - the consultation of transport invoices.

The use of this site implies you are aware of the general conditions of use and undertake to respect them, as well as all applicable laws.

Ownership of the site and hosting

Site publisher: This site is owned by TEREGA Société Anonyme, a PLC with a registered capital of 17,579,088 Euros, registered with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) of Pau under number 095 580 841, and having its registered head office in France at Pau, Espace Volta - 40 Avenue de l'Europe - CS 20522 - 64000. Telephone : + 33 (0)5 59 13 34 00 - Fax : + 33 (0)5 59 13 35 60.

Publishing director: Mr.Dominique Mockly.

This site is hosted by Société Française du Radiotéléphone - SFR Société Anonyme, a PLC with a registered capital of 3,423,265,598.40 Euros, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Paris under № 343 059 564, and having its registered head office in France at 42, Avenue de Friedland 75008 PARIS.

General technical information

As a user of the TETRA site, you acknowledge:
  • - that you have the skills and resources necessary to access and use this site;
  • - that you have checked your computer set-up contains no viruses, and that it is in perfect running condition;
  • - that you have been informed that the TETRA site is accessible 24/7, with the exception of cases of force majeure or IT or technical difficulties related to the structure of telecommunications networks. For maintenance reasons, TEREGA may interrupt access to the site, and shall seek to warn users beforehand.

Security of access and authentication

Access to secure parts of the TETRA website requires a personal ID and a confidential password, provided by TEREGA. The user must change this password at first connection.

The ID and the password are personal and confidential. You are responsible for the consequences of their use. It is therefore your responsibility to take all measures necessary to ensure their security and confidentiality. You undertake to inform TEREGA of any loss or fraudulent use of any access details as soon as you become aware of it.

For reasons of security, access to the secured site is automatically invalidated after several failed access attempts. TEREGA reserves the right to suspend your access to the site in the event of fraudulent use or a fraudulent attempt to use this access. In the event of suspension of access to the site, TEREGA will inform you immediately.

Confidentiality of commercially sensitive information

Certain areas of the site, in particular pages where you may enter commercially sensitive information (CSI) are secured. Thus, you may enter this information in full confidence: they will be processed in full security. Nevertheless, try to enter details discreetly: do not leave your screen showing access codes visible to all.

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Capacity requests area

The TETRA site gives you the option of requesting transport capacities on line. To make a request you need to access the dedicated secure area by clicking on the corresponding link.

The use of this online request service is subject to the general conditions as provided for in your natural gas transport contract, accessible from the TETRA site, which you declare you are aware of and undertake to respect.

TEREGA guarantees the accuracy of data relating to the characteristics of transport capacities presented in the secure area for requests and the updating of available capacity as and when requests are made.

Information Processing and Freedom Act

Representative's personal data of your company, transmitted to our services for the creation of user’s account, are the subject of an IT treatment by TEREGA intended for the subscription and the use of the services offered by the application TETRA. The recipients of this information are the services of Commerce Development Department of TEREGA. TEREGA is responsible for the processing of your personal data and undertakes to preserve its security and confidentiality.

In accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD) and the Data Protection Act, users of the site may request access to their personal data, rectification, erasure thereof, or limitation of their treatments. Users also have a right to oppose the processing and the portability of their data by contacting dpo@TEREGA.fr

More over, users may withdraw their consent to the processing of their data at any time by contacting dpo@TEREGA.fr

Users are informed that they can lodge any complaint with the supervisory authority in charge of the protection of personal data. TEREGA reserves the right to modify its personal data policy, at any time and in particular to take into account the evolution of technologies used, the publishing of new services and new regulations. Any changes will come into effect from the date of posting.

Intellectual property rights and copyright

All information included on the TETRA site (documents contained on the site, as well as all elements created for the site) is the property of TEREGA and is subject to laws on copyright when made available to the public on this web server. Copies of documents contained in this site may only be made for informative purposes, and exclusively for strictly private use. No license or any right other than that to consult the site is conferred on any party regarding intellectual property rights. The reproduction of documents on the site is authorised for exclusively informative purposes for personal and private use: any reproduction and any use of a copy made for other purposes is expressly prohibited.

Unless mentioned to the contrary, registered names, logos, products and trademarks referred to in this website (® and TM products) are owned by TEREGA. They may not be used without the prior written authorisation of TEREGA.

Limits of liability

The information and recommendations available on this site are given in all good faith. Thus, this information is considered to be correct at the time when you become aware of it.

Nevertheless, TEREGA does not guarantee the exhaustive nature and accuracy of this information. You fully assume all risks related with the credence that you give it. This information is provided to you on the condition that you or any other person who receives it can determine its relevance to a specific goal before using it. Under no circumstances will TEREGA be held liable for damage that could result from the use of this information.

TEREGA rejects any liability, express or implicit, if the use of this information contravenes any patent, copyright or registered trademark.

Likewise, TEREGA reserves the right to amend or correct the contents of its site at any time without notice.

It is specified that this limited liability does not apply to information relating to capacity and availability presented in the secure reservation area, whose accuracy and automatic updating is guaranteed by TEREGA.

Updating the conditions of use of the site, and applicable law

TEREGA may update the conditions of use of this site at any time. Consequently we recommend you regularly refer to the latest valid conditions of use of the site. These general conditions of the site are subject to French law and the jurisdiction of the French courts.